Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Reality Check

Ten years ago if you asked me to describe my life ten years form then I certainly never dreamed up sleepless nights and baby puke. My main topic of conversation seems to be my toddler's potty visits and baby's bowel movements. The highlight of my week was purchasing a magic bullet at Costco and seeing all the cool crap I could now "blend" in one easy to use container.

I always thought I would be thin and trendy. Not tucking in my post-baby belly into my jeans that I bought at Old Navy for $20. My only connection to the outside lately seems to be fed to me through my Google homepage where I keep current on world issues such as, Bradgelina's 20th kid and Britney Spears visit to crazytown.

But as this is the state of my life....for now. It is refreshing to be able to live my days without vanity on the top of the list. To laugh everyday while watching my baby in a jolly jumper. And to be rewarded with the words, "Mommy, I love you."