Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Reality Check

Ten years ago if you asked me to describe my life ten years form then I certainly never dreamed up sleepless nights and baby puke. My main topic of conversation seems to be my toddler's potty visits and baby's bowel movements. The highlight of my week was purchasing a magic bullet at Costco and seeing all the cool crap I could now "blend" in one easy to use container.

I always thought I would be thin and trendy. Not tucking in my post-baby belly into my jeans that I bought at Old Navy for $20. My only connection to the outside lately seems to be fed to me through my Google homepage where I keep current on world issues such as, Bradgelina's 20th kid and Britney Spears visit to crazytown.

But as this is the state of my life....for now. It is refreshing to be able to live my days without vanity on the top of the list. To laugh everyday while watching my baby in a jolly jumper. And to be rewarded with the words, "Mommy, I love you."

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nothing says, "I love you," like the sounds of a battleground.

So Valenitne's this year was awesome...we both exchanged thoughtful loving gifts and went out for a great date night.

I got a huge box of Bernard Callebaut chocolates with all my favorites ones in multiples...and my husband got Call of Duty #4, for the X-Box 360. In love game/ and video game playing time is my husband's currency.

But I have to say, now that we have our kid going to bed at a reasonable hour (most nights), I have been going straight to bed because I am 36 weeks pregnant and do a lot better with my feet up then anywhere else. So Tony has been getting a lot of video game time. And I have to say I have never had a happier hubby.

I wish I could say it was bonding over the expected arrival that was enriching our marriage. But no, it has been the time apart. Tony shooting things and bonding with strangers on X-box Live, and I in our bedroom watching chick flicks and eating oreos.

Strangely enough...our marriage has never been better. We genuinely love each other more, are doing thoughtful things for each other more, helping each other more, kissing more....all because I am feeding him some serious downtime doing what he loves in order to decompress. Who knew?

Monday, January 14, 2008

I am still alive. I know you were worried.

If you are wondering why I haven't blogged for so long, it is because I actually forgot that I had one. I am not kidding. The other day my brother was telling me how funny his wife's blog was lately, and I thought to myself...oh yeah, a blog...I think I have one of those things hanging around tha is surviving without any love or attention. And so life continues on...

For people reading this that care about my life, I will update you. I am 31-32 weeks pregnant. My ultrasound would say 34 weeks but I know when we conceived because it was literally the first time we tried to get pregnant and whammo...Tony got one past the goalie. Unlike last time which took we were excited! My due date is March 17th. I am huge and very uncomfortable. I have past the cute belly stage. And I am totally into the slow walking, can't see my shoes, avoid picking things up off the floor at all costs, phase of pregnancy.

Jacob is 2 and a half. Angel at 2 years and 5 months. Little devil child from my worst nightmares at 2 years and 6 months. He has taken "No" to another level. Everything is an ordeal, from eating breakfast to getting dressed. My only bargaining chip is Dora or Diego. He's 35 lbs...I am super pregnant. I am at his mercy. He has a meltdown I can't even pick him up and carry him to the car. I just wait for the storm to pass. And boy is that fun....

I love living in Sherwood Park. I love that everything is a 5 minute drive and a 5 minute or less line-up. And the Honda Pilot Tony got me is a dream come true. It is freezing out but I put on that seat warmer button and there is a warm bum for the prego Momma. Love it!

Well that is all for now, Jacob is having a nap for the first time in about a month so I need to put my feet up and eat something bad for me. Preferably something with a chocolate and peanut butter combination to it!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sit Ubu sit....good dog!

I haven't blogged in a long time. Frankly I think it was a combination of nothing interesting to share, and just wanting to do other things with my spare time.

We are expecting another baby, due in March. I am almost at the 5 month mark which has come along much too fast. I am already seriously sporting a tummy and cannot stop baking things that are bad for me, but other than that feeling fairly reasonable. I don't have any name prospects. I was reading the top 100 baby names of the last 5 years or so...and nothing really stuck out to me. And then there is the spousal Vito power where if the other doesn't like it and you love it, too bad, so sad, it is off the list.

My toddler who is 27 months is really quite a lot of fun. I think the terrible twos started about 15 months old and ended at 24 months. And yes, I are thinking, "just wait...your in for some fun.' But I have discovered something essential to the good behaviour of my son. He is like my German Shepherd we had growing up. He is a very smart, social, high energy dog? ask. Well our family dog Jackson needed to get out and RUN. We needed to play with him at least twice a day. He would then be very good in the house and take a good nap that day. Now if you don't get him out and RUN him...he was looking for multiple ways to get into mischief, constantly annoying you, and getting into trouble all day long.

The same goes for a toddler. Get out of the house, get some fresh air and physical activity...and he is a dreamy angelic kid. Let him fend for himself and keep him in the house all day and you are going to find him unloading your pantry shelves all over the kitchen floor, relocating his toys into various locations so that when you walk into the bathroom things like musical instruments and stuffed animals are there for your entertainment. Everywhere you go, and with everything you are trying to accomplish, he is right there, preferably in between your feet or hugging your leg. And he'll be all listless and bored and whiny.

So no matter what it is like outside, or how sick I might be with a cold...we get out of the house. I need to run my toddler so he's a good little doggie!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Use your words

If you are a parent and you are using phrases during your child's outburst's like, "use your words," then you probably have a toddler.

Mine has been saying a dozen new words a day and it's all mixed in with his own style of gibberish and hand motions it does feel like I am constantly solving certain linguistic equations in order to decipher the wants and needs of my child.

It has been really fun to hear what comes out of his mouth lately especially since half of his verbal education comes from his best friends on TV Diego and Dora who help teach children Spanish as part of their programming.

So when Jacob haded something to his Dad the other day and said "aubrey" instead of "open" we had to I need to learn Spanish words too.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

food on my mind

Lately all I have wanted to do is eat at the Olive Garden. It isn't close, we have to drive into the city...and every time we go there, it is an hour wait which you just can't do with a two year old..nor justify because is it really worth it? I mean I have wanted to eat there for so long I think I have built it up in my mind as some gourmet amazing food experience when it could really be...well, crap!

I just can't's been so long.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Travelling with a Toddler.

So we are planning a big trip to Ottawa/ Montreal and we are taking our toddler.

Travelling with a toddler makes everything...hard work.

There aren't any direct flights from where we are so we are leaving from Calgary. We need to keep airport time down to a minimum...get in and get out!

I will be sacrificing valuable outfit options to make space for toys, book, and games in order for the munchkin to have more to occupy him on the trip.

My husband and i will each have a bag but for the kid: Suitcase, playpen, stroller, car seat...carry-on of in-flight activities, and portable DVD player. Need I say more?

And now that he is costs the same for him as us to fly...yikes $$$.

All I have to say if your not a planner, and used to living an a routine or schedule. Motherhood certainly molds you to be this way. Eventually you just say "I give!" and start making lists and planning weeks in advance because life just goes a lot more smoothly if you can do so. And then when things happen that throw you of the schedule...oh no! Mini breakdowns occur, you don't want to mess with the precious schedule! And let's just say travelling turns it all upside down!

Motherhood is like the army. It breaks you down and builds you back up. But it's all for a good cause! :)