Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I forgot how much I love to bake.

I stopped baking all together because my husband and I were getting soft around the edges. But the other day I wanted to bake cookies for someone and it re-booted my love and frankly therapeutic need to bake.

So cookies yesterday and today orange and cranberry scones. Which were all for "somebody else" but have magically found their way into my tummy.

Now that I started I am already thinking about what I will bake next...I have a problem. A very delicious problem.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Rainy Days and Mondays....

I am trying to stay happy and positive today even though my kid has done nothing but whine ALL DAY LONG. I know he isn't feeling well and I am trying to keep him secure and happy as I am his 24/7 personal slave. But that whiny sound is really starting to drive me crazy. I think I would take crying over the whiny sound right now. At least he seems to be on the mend. Fluids are staying inside his body more frequently and I haven't had to do 10 loads of laundry today but its only 3pm.

Being gone for 10 days means we have 10 days of PVR programming to catch up on. I love having so much to choose from. I can't watch TV when Jacob is awake because its hard to be productive. Also if I do have something on that is of interest to me he just keeps turning the TV off until I get the message that he wants my undivided attention. I need a dog or a sibling for this kid. In some ways I do think it would be easier to have two kids. Myself being the only source of attention and interaction is a little wearing. I think I'll look into the dog idea first (ha ha).

Earlier today Jacob was having a little toddler melt down and went and buried his head in the couch throw pillows like an ostrich in the sand. He was trying so hard to be serious but while he was bending over in the cushions a two inch section of skin was showing between his diaper and t-shirt and I went over and tickled him. He couldn't fight the tickling and started to giggle which he followed up with a big whine to convey that even though he thought tickling was funny he was still mad. What is he mad about? I have no idea. Maybe it's just that he feels rotten. For me it's Monday.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Still In Calgary

We arrived Friday afternoon...started the weekend off with me being sick and now ending this weekend with Jacob throwing up, all over his bed, all over me, and himself. I would rather be sick than have a sick baby any day. So I didn't get to work on the house as much as I hoped to this time so I may stay here this week and work on painting.

Its almost done. The new interior doors are being hung and the basement ceiling is almost finished. What is going to take a really long time is cleaning the place up and out. We have so many tools and building supplies that its going to take a whole weekend just clearing out the house and then another to clean it. I think I am going to hire a cleaning service to do it. It's that bad. Dry wall dust and saw dust everywhere. I should probably have the ducts cleaned too.

It looks really good though. We are trying to figure out how much to list it for. That seems to be a tricky thing because you want to list it low enough to get more potential buyers but high enough to hit what you think the place is worth.

My problem is after all the work we've done I want more than we'll get so I have to get over that right now. I just have to keep positive and hope for the best.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Our Plan

For those of you who read my blog and want to know what I am up to this month so you can reach me. We are leaving to Calgary tomorrow (Friday Feb. 16th)and will not return to Sherwood Park until Feb. 25th. Tony decided to take this week off so we can just put as much energy into the house as possible.

We'll be crashing at my parents so they can watch the little guy while we work on painting, baseboards, and other good stuff. If you want to volunteer and give a friend a hand you know where to find us.

Hope to see you in Calgary!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Hubby Is a Sweatheart

So its Valentine's day. I put on my favorite red top and made heart shaped cookies with pink icing. Jacob was incredibly fascinated with the whole process, mainly the electric mixer. He wanted to have that thing all to himself. He especially loved when I put in the flour while the mixer was on and there was a giant "poof".

Tony came home for lunch with my favorite Quiznos and a huge box of Bernard Callebaut chocolates. Wrapped in heart paper with a giant pink bow. I absolutely love them...they are divine.

My cookies were a huge hit. Especially with my son. His eyes doubled in size when he had one. And then he said, "mmmmmm...." and smacked his lips a few times.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My home consists of mini piles

So I am walking through my house this morning and all around me are little piles. Piles of dishes, laundry (dirty, clean and need folding, and the clean folded needing to be put away), stacks of papers, bills paid and unpaid, miscellaneous everything...everywhere. I have had it!

It seems I can't stay on top of the creation of these piles or the organisation of these piles. Don't even let me tell you about the front entry-way, use your imagination. So its time for action. I am going through the house one room at a time with a garbage can and a laundry basket. I can conquer the clutter!

Next subject:
My husband bought me this workout DVD that I wanted called Turbo Jam from Costco. Its a mix of kick boxing and dance aerobics. Where this one is difficult is in the coordination. I can handle the workout but I find it hard to follow. I just need to do it a few more times and then I think I will get the hang of it. I think its hilarious when the instructor is doing a certain movement and she says things like, "imagine you are grabbing an attacker by the shoulders and then hitting them in the face with your knee." Nothing like a little violence to work up a sweat!

Is it a bad if you have zero intentions to leave the house all day long because you have no errands to run and nobody to see so you let yourself and your child to spend the whole day in their pj's? Why do I ask? reason....

Well I am going to start on all the piles now.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

March 1, 2007

We have a goal.

Our house will be complete and put on the market by March

We have less than two weeks total to finish it and be done. So I am writing this and sending it out to the universe so that it will come true. Maybe all our many friends and acquaintances will help us and make this ambition come true?? Maybe we will have super powers this month and renovate with super speed...I don't know how but it will be done!

We drive to Calgary tonight.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Chit Chat

As we drove from Calgary to Sherwood Park yesterday afternoon the weather became increasingly worse. We left blue sky and drove into cold blowing snow. It is still snowing. I prefer blue sky. I don't care how cold it is, if that sky is blue and you can see the sun shining I can handle it.

So I had a great lunch date on Saturday with my good friend Beth. We had lunch at the Metropolitan Grill. You know when you order your meal but the other person your eating with has something that looks way better than you and you want to eat what they are eating? That was what happened to me. Beth ordered this macaroni and cheese dish that was so amazing it should be called "cardiac arrest on a plate." Being the dear friend that she is she generously shared her lunch with me and I swear it was so good I thought I died and went to heaven! We then finished off with Chocolate souffle...incredible. It was a birthday celebration so we were there with every intention of being as nutritionally naughty as possible. Mission accomplished!

As I write this my son is throwing all his jumbo Lego pieces down the hall and down the stairs. Aah the fun I am going to have collecting those later. And now it just got really quiet....and we parents no that really quiet is never a good sign and I must go.