Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Travelling with a Toddler.

So we are planning a big trip to Ottawa/ Montreal and we are taking our toddler.

Travelling with a toddler makes everything...hard work.

There aren't any direct flights from where we are so we are leaving from Calgary. We need to keep airport time down to a minimum...get in and get out!

I will be sacrificing valuable outfit options to make space for toys, book, and games in order for the munchkin to have more to occupy him on the trip.

My husband and i will each have a bag but for the kid: Suitcase, playpen, stroller, car seat...carry-on of in-flight activities, and portable DVD player. Need I say more?

And now that he is two...it costs the same for him as us to fly...yikes $$$.

All I have to say if your not a planner, and used to living an a routine or schedule. Motherhood certainly molds you to be this way. Eventually you just say "I give!" and start making lists and planning weeks in advance because life just goes a lot more smoothly if you can do so. And then when things happen that throw you of the schedule...oh no! Mini breakdowns occur, you don't want to mess with the precious schedule! And let's just say travelling turns it all upside down!

Motherhood is like the army. It breaks you down and builds you back up. But it's all for a good cause! :)

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