Monday, October 22, 2007

Sit Ubu sit....good dog!

I haven't blogged in a long time. Frankly I think it was a combination of nothing interesting to share, and just wanting to do other things with my spare time.

We are expecting another baby, due in March. I am almost at the 5 month mark which has come along much too fast. I am already seriously sporting a tummy and cannot stop baking things that are bad for me, but other than that feeling fairly reasonable. I don't have any name prospects. I was reading the top 100 baby names of the last 5 years or so...and nothing really stuck out to me. And then there is the spousal Vito power where if the other doesn't like it and you love it, too bad, so sad, it is off the list.

My toddler who is 27 months is really quite a lot of fun. I think the terrible twos started about 15 months old and ended at 24 months. And yes, I are thinking, "just wait...your in for some fun.' But I have discovered something essential to the good behaviour of my son. He is like my German Shepherd we had growing up. He is a very smart, social, high energy dog? ask. Well our family dog Jackson needed to get out and RUN. We needed to play with him at least twice a day. He would then be very good in the house and take a good nap that day. Now if you don't get him out and RUN him...he was looking for multiple ways to get into mischief, constantly annoying you, and getting into trouble all day long.

The same goes for a toddler. Get out of the house, get some fresh air and physical activity...and he is a dreamy angelic kid. Let him fend for himself and keep him in the house all day and you are going to find him unloading your pantry shelves all over the kitchen floor, relocating his toys into various locations so that when you walk into the bathroom things like musical instruments and stuffed animals are there for your entertainment. Everywhere you go, and with everything you are trying to accomplish, he is right there, preferably in between your feet or hugging your leg. And he'll be all listless and bored and whiny.

So no matter what it is like outside, or how sick I might be with a cold...we get out of the house. I need to run my toddler so he's a good little doggie!


themadhatter said...

we almost bought a house in Cedar City. It's back yard was a dog run. I was tempted to treat my kids like puppies for a moment.


Elisabeth said...

Keep up the good work.